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Charlie 0f Earth

28 December 1986
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So I have incarnated on Earth in the form of an intuitive female. I was lucky enough to be born into a family with strong emotional ties to one another, lucky enough to have parents that told me to think with my heart. This reality has helped me to become the loving, caring individual that I am today. I am the youngest of three sibling. We've always had a dog or cat as far as I can remember. This has a direct influence on my love for nature and animals. I am empathic and logical. I am wise and emotionally mature. I am a deep thinker. I am a loner. I feel many beautiful things, and many troubling things.
I have no path in life, no religion, no goals, no fate even. I only have my morality, my appreciation for all experiences in life, and my will to expand myself and know more about the many overlapping planes of reality that surround us. I make friends everywhere I go, always with love and patience. I fear the unknown but I also welcome it with kindness and appreciation. I am a human of Earth that simply wishes to know more and go places that few have allowed themselves to go. I wish to show people these places and tell them that they too can travel there as well. Everything there is to know, everywhere there is to go, is already within us. Sometimes, we just need a reminder.