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All Lives Matter. But All Lives Are Not Only Matter.

 Consciousness does not need a complete physical form. It can manifest as pure thought or Divine energy. What you feel and think is what you carry with you. Your body is simply the vessel, equally as important as the "You Within", but not as etheric. Praise the matter that carries the soul. Praise the being that thrives within the matter.
 We focus too much of our time on looks and social statuses on our plane of life, and we value very little for the force within us that makes us "sentient". We are all the same within. All of us on Earth. We choose to percieve the difference outwardly and pass judgements based off of this, often times blinding ourselves from this brilliance we ALL share within us. This causes us much chaos in the way we percieve ourselves, and our fellow man. The only problem there is, is that we do not exchange emotions accurately. It isn't that we can't, we just choose not to.
 We are all victims of a society that only exposes the truth that it can "see", and not a truth that resonates with the human soul. No one is at fault within this point-of-reference. They simply just need to dissipate the borders. It is high time we see one another for whom we truly are and not who we are told that we are. No one can place a label or a truth on you that your own heart does not resonate with. Weather we realise it or not, we are all supreme, no matter the lifestyle, race, religion, or social status. We are all one. People of Earth, people of the Divine.

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