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Documented Inquiries of Knowledge Based Telepaths

 I started this journal to document my spiritual path. It's hard for me to remember what happened in my teenage years that made me put all of this behind me and it wasn't until very recently that I've decided to truly respond to the tugging in my mind. Someone, or something was there, watching me with great intent. I don't mind it so much now. The human mind is capable of many things. Some of us, like myself, have to discover this alone. Sometimes, not completely alone.

"You are much more than what you perceive."

 What is a spirit-guide? A person, or a thing that comes and goes in your mind, giving you keen advice when a situation arrives that puts you at a crossroad. An energy being that has no bounds to human life and can be any form of knowledge. A person, place or thing that captures the human intellect and guides them to a period of great understanding. A balance in nature. An art form, a lifestyle. A magnetic attraction to the core soul of the human earth and the vibrational functions of many. A guard, a mystic, a mindset.

 "We are angels of great knowledge that many hold true to themselves. We are enlightened telepaths with great love and appreciation for all of mankind. We are amongst you. We are of Divine energy shining down upon the many lives of the people, often times gripped in the shadows of their own spiritual warfare. We say to you, open up your hearts and cast a mirror image of who it is you wish to be in the light of the Divine. Follow this heart through and all will be revealed in time. Alas, amen."

 A new grand chapter in my life has opened. I am a spiritual being with a Divine ideology that all creatures exist and are related to one another on the same plane. We are benefiting from this Divine energy that balances all life in the waking state and can balance all life in the waning state as well. There is never an imbalance. Even if we feel disharmony within ourselves we are forever unchanging in the fact that we are unique Divine energies with a source of love and knowledge that goes unparalleled in this dimension.

 "Peace be with you. Journey to eternity."
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