Normality for a While
 I've been working on myself lately. I don't really have bad days, I have bad moments that keep me in my head and divert my attention away from the experiences of the outside world. It's weird when you literally live in your head for so long that it bugs you out, and you actually have to turn off your brain for a few days just to get your perception back to normal. That's kind of where I am at the moment.

 Decided to finally talk about myself on here. I really don't want this journal to turn into a "self-reflection" journal, because it was meant to document a spiritual journey. But I don't channel important stuff every day. I have to be in the proper mindset. So a lot of things that happen in my life simply aren't worth mentioning. However, this feels good. It feels normal. Thank you for listening!

  Believe it or not, my friends know very little of the things that come to me. My family knows even less. I don't exatcly know where to begin on how to explain the way I think and what I feel and what comes to me. The desire to acknowledge it and explore it is rather new. Still trying to figure things out. For the most part it is in and of itself, very good. Way fucking out there, but good, wholesome, kind-hearted stuff. I think that's where the urge to start this journal came from.

  My life is boring. I work, come home, play video games, get online, walk my dog, water my plants, eat, sleep, repeat. It literally never changes. Well sometimes I'll go to a bar with a friend for light conversation (usually work-related) and go home. Blah, blah, blah, boring. It is what it is. I love that things are this way. Easy living, hard thinking. Self-reflection.

  I have a boyfriend of five years. He's pretty much the same. But he doesn't go out. Sometimes I see my folks on the weekends. Always a pleasure to be in their presence. Love my family and my boyfriend and dog and my few close childhood friends. A basic life with a far out frame of reference. That's pretty much me in a nutshell.



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