charlieofearth (charlieofearth) wrote,

"Elephant People"

    Sometimes I feel a bit inedaquate when I have these moments of inspiraton... I present them, and then I suddenly feel like I've fallen short of the actual purpose of what they represent. I chase wild geese. A lot of geese. It's a character flaw in my opinion. A harmless one, but a flaw nontheless. Anyhow, the flaw is not what bothers me, it is a feeling of the lack of accomplishment that does.

  You go so far in your mind to chase the wild thoughts that have bothered you from your youth, only to find that your soul now,  is still quite a child's soul. So much chasing and so little change. "A long journey ahead." I understood that sentence, but I did not understand the weight that it would carry on my own personal journey today.

  I hear that time and space is relative to the individual, and "the task at hand may take many journeys", which is acceptible. The struggle is to remember what you have been told and not let a moment of interest sweep you away into disencouragement.

  "Encouragement is all that is being issued in the wake of an opinion that has very little effect on the positive ideas that you perceive." Fair enough.

  On that note, peace be with you all and goodnight.


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