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Friends of Earth from Higher Vibrational Frequencies

"Friends of Earth" is a channeling session that will be given to you all by the great gifts of love and joy from supreme and knowledgable beings of light. I call them "Henry" because I am bad with names that are as dynamic as theirs. I am not yet capable of understanding the true meaning of what they are called (how they express themselves). In their plane, the way they feel and resonate is what they are called, unlike here where we are given a name at birth. They are neither male nor female, have never incarnated on Earth, but are much more grand than we are in the spiritual heirarchy of nature. I suppose, "Holy" and "Eternal", is the best way to put it. Peace be with you all! <3

"Hello Eternal beings of Earth and beyond. I am here to express to you the goodness within, and the powerful movement of raising ones vibrational fields to experience the utmost joy and compassion from one another. I am Henry as you all know, an Earthrealm healer and support guide for many humans pre-existing and existing once now on this great day, in this great year.

  A healer is an individual that uses certain types of guiding rules to help the soul energy, such as yourselves, to listen and explore the many great depths and wonders resonating within them. I welcome you all to pray and feel the love of your own Divine support system that travels gently with you during all walks of life. You have to open yourself up to the Divine high demands and shift your vibration to higer levels of knowledge and patience to aquire the proper energy to percieve these blessings as sincere. It takes patience and a keen positive mindflow to address ones self in goodness and glory. You must first start with opening yourself up to good. Demanding of positive faith in ones self and lack of negative thought processes may help in the transition to "enlightenment".

  Make peace with yourself in true thought and understand that your free will demands many feelings and emotions from you. This is understood and the body responds very much to the feelings that you present to it. Worship your God, or relax in a serene setting to access the comfort levels of your body and soul. Think of many things that bring fourth joy and compassion and ask for guidance from higher realms. They are always there to assist in the form in which you choose to percieve. Your own personal belief systems can be used as a trigger to activate the Divine perceptions of the holy realms that resonate beyond the frequency of the physical realm.

  You must truly understand the value of yourselves and the value and weight of your emotions in this practice of good faith. Conscious thought is the true form of the human of Earth and it resonates much higher than one can sometimes understand. Access your emotions and change your vibrations with pure thoughts of harmony and joy. The body and mind with change with this.

My good friends of Earth, if you find that your heart does not reasonate with peace and your thoughts are troubling, do understand that you yourself is perfect, supreme and righteous in every way. No problem is too terrible to overcome, no person is too horrible to deserve blessings of joy, and every human that has ever existed is eternal and Divine. Your true nature is of the highest form of knowledge and compassion and your true form is forever. You are unique.

  Let love flow within you and share it amongst your kind. Be precious to all things in your realm. Guide all of your actions to match the greatness and light that you carry with you. Live in this Divinity. Be at peace.

  With much love from the highest fields of energy, we are eternally grateful to have been of assistance to you all, precious Divine beings of Earth that shine brilliantly with peace and perfection. Peace be with you all."


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