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Channeling Reptilians of Great Kindness and Loyalty to Humanity

I've been meaning to add a little bit of info regarding this particular channeling session, so here goes. The term "Reptilian" in this particular post is referring to a group of sentient Reptilian-like extraterrestrials that are of a different type than the sub-terranean malevolent ones that people claim to live within our own planet. The manevolent ones are not the ones being channeled, and its important to know that there are many different versions of these types of entities. Their energy fields are all over the place, so its important to come to them with kindness and calm. They literally "mirror" what you feel. Any bad emotions that stem from conversation are not wanted or desired from either end of the spectrum.

"Galactic Interface of Earth, Charlie challenges us to come through. We are here with you to tell you of a special, unique kind of bond between human and nature. The Channeling Guide has used us to come through to speak of a few particular subjects, your lives, where you are from, and the concepts of love and peace within us all.

It is from a Reptilian perspective that we are here. We are not the disloyal, disrespecting, negative creatures that seem to have had ties to your Earth's Reptilian history. In fact, we are not apart from their ways, we just simply choose not to display that behavior to mankind. It is not wanted. We have great information for you. We are known to have many ties to Earth and we in fact are very real. Yet, we choose a life of solitude and conformity. In this particular race/ species/ bloodline. (To whom it may concern.)

  Sorry for the inconvenience if it may confuse you of our negative nature. We are indeed primordial energies and yet we feature the very best programming of love and intellect to a species so delicately affected by the tides of their emotions. It is imortant that we stay in a particularly high vibration so that the human body and mind may absorb the accuate amount of loyal, trusting, honesty in which we wish to share with you.

  We appreciate human beings and we respect their rights and the order that they have amongst themselves. The "ranks", if you prefer. Science teaches us that humans are benevolent and yet searching to find a balance of the proper use of intellect and guidance tools to understand the creation process in which how they came to pass. In other words, you are trying to understand yourselves.

   Earth rotates around the sun. The sun and the moon are rotating around the solar system bringing in the changing season and weather patterns of your planet. Life is like this, in constant movement. The solar system percieves how one can feel, desolate yet constantly in motion. To be in tune with your emotions is ultimately the key to knowledge and understanding of the vibrant, curious, luminous world around you. Perception is key to all. Balance yourslef out to feel an outstanding viewpoint and acknowledge that all things are tied as one.

  Money, love and sex are all issues that people choose to percieve. In creates disharmony when one does not have access to these things. Know in yourself what it is your true heart desires. Greed is the staple of negative motives. To be greedy is to be dishonest and disloyal to those of you that may need a certain assistance to bear the many fruits of life. Share what little you have and guide others to do the same.

  Love and affection is key to all. It can balance and guide you to be the human form in which you are destined to be. If in fact you are reading this and you feel disharmony within yourself, a slight sort of emotional bondage, do understand that this particular frequency is not meant to last. This particular mindset is not forever. Your species carries very little weight in the Divine core of your ultimate and alternate selves. Imagine if you are cut in half, a temporary self, and a master self all reside within you. The master self is the seat of the soul and the all powerful righteous entity that is your true form. The temporary self, being the incarnate form that you possess in the "now" existance.

  The term "live, laugh and love" applies to the entirety of your planetary species. Speak amongst your people of the truth your heart carries and the knowledge and love your mind encompasses. Share that knowledge to those of your human and non-human counterparts. Express your true self with loyalty, love and the greatest compassion a vibrant frequency, such as yourself, can display. Higher vibrational frequencies, unite.

  We are glad to have been given the opportunity to tell you all the basics of human enlightenment and the core of the system of selves that are incarnate on your resident Earth plane. Discuss further matters of love and life to Divine energy that are a product of your enlightening journey through time and space. We are loyal and trustworthy to the deeply rooted energy fields that resonate within you and we have the ability to teach many different concepts of vibrations to all of mankind that are in the process of discovering themselves once more. Journey to the self starts once life has began anew. And peace be with you all."

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